FAQFAQ Photo shoots

Contacting us is the start of you booking your perfect Photo shoot, do you have lots of questions? No problem we are here to help.

We offer you support and assistance with direction throughout the photo shoot, helping pose and be as natural and comfortable in front of the camera.

Before your shoot we offer you our expert advise of styling, hair and make up and all the important bits and pieces.

Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What type of photo shoot should i have?

When  booking a photo shoot have some idea of what we would like to do. If you want to use these Photograph/images for the start of your portfolio, you need to think what genre of the modelling industry you can fit into for example: 5ft10+ size 6-8 for runway models, editorial and fashion. 5ft5 size 8-10 more like commercial and beauty. If the images are being used for personal use then we can shoot what ever you like, it is still a very good idea to have a style or theme in mind.

Who will do my hair and make up?

Also when your booking a photo shoot think about hair and make up. Who would do that for you? or can you do that yourself? We provide hair and make up with certain photo shoot packages. If you do your own hair and make up please come to the photo shoot ready, so we can get to work straight away. You can bring your own make up artist with you, bare in mind that if you do this it will take up time of the shoot so you may have less time in front of the camera.

What to wear?

When it comes to picking out your clothes for a photo shoot unless the photo shoot is for a designer we do not provide them. We do help before the photo shoot choosing your outfits but this is up to you. When choosing your outfits always colour co-ordinate, bring something quirky, florescent colours are great for a shoot. Also we do recommend you bring more outfits than you should need, just in case one outfit does not work for you. Tip: Do not wear an item of clothing that you wear everyday and outfits that you have 100's of selfies in, the professional images/photographs will not have as much of an effect. It will look like a professional selfie.

How long will the images take?

We will try our best to get the images/photographs to you with in 3-5 working days by disc, prints can take a bit longer. We will always keep you up to date if there is any delays or problems. We know its exciting to see your images/photographs, but if they are rushed the images will also show that. We pride ourselves in spending time on your images/photographs and not rushed and look amateur.

How many images do you recommend from one shoot for my portfolio?

When it comes to building your portfolio, you need around 10 images from 1 shoot i would use max 2 images as you do not want your portfolio to look the same through out you want to show your versatility.

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